My name is Caterina Efé. I come from a small city in the north of Italy called Piacenza. I started taking writing seriously at the age of ten when I wrote my first song whilst sat by the radiator on a rainy, cold day. After that, I wrote more and more songs and I've always dreamed of one day being credited as a songwriter, but I've never been good with creating melodies so I just stick to words.

In 2009 a close friend of mine introduced me to Wattpad and initially all I did was read. It didn't take long before I became obsessed with reading stories from the site up to the point where I'd have weeks where I would delete the app from my phone to ''rehabilitate" myself.

Fast forward to six years later since I made my account on Wattpad; I have three completed pieces, two on-going and one that I have self-published and between my three online writing platforms I have over a million combined reads that is continuously growing.

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  1. Hi! I am honored that you want me to publish something in your blog. I love your piece on the Independent woman. It was so beautiful!