Below is a list of my work. Enjoy.

Follow the story of Luciana Esther Carter who is just another girl conditioned by the "she is better than me" mentality that plagues so many young females in the 21st century. Read for free on Wattpad, ValentChamber and Booksie. You can also buy your copy on AMAZON. Paperback version coming soon!
I see myself in Luciana so much. Go through the same day to day internal struggles that she went through and it helped me alot and gave me hope that it just might get better one day. - jordantoriana
I love how you portrayed the female protagonist as not your usual perfect woman. She was so easy to relate to because you actually made her human with imperfections. Every moral that you instilled about beauty being within, and the importance of self acceptance spoke volumes to me. - JeTaimePari

This story was so great that you can't even express it in words. It made me love myself which I thought I never would. It helped me with my insecurities. It had been like a great friend all along. All thanks to you for writing this amazing story...I think you don't even know how much your stories can get a change in people. - cleveteen98

A continuation of the first book so...***BUY 'THE UNTITLED GIRL' ON AMAZON NOW!!!*** Luciana Esther Carter is finally learning to love herself and standing up for what she wants. But by getting what she wants she's not so sure if she wants it anymore. You can read The Entitled Girl on Wattpad, ValentChamber and Booksie.
Omg omg omg I'm so happy your making a sequel I read your
first book three times that's how much I love it. And to find out 
that there's a part two you just made my day. - KiddUrban 

I absolutely love this book so far.
- kya555

 This book is realistic.
Relationships are hard but it works out if both parties try hard enough. 
- itskay4real

She was an overthinker, he was an overachiever. Life went too slow for her whereas his had passed the speed limit. She felt pretentious, he felt pressure. She had a sweet tooth, he had diabetes. They both needed pace, a place and a taste of life on the other side. You can read this story on Wattpad, ValentChamber and Booksie for FREE!

Epic!!! Mooooore Pleasseeeee - SheLikeSheWrites

Keep them coming!!!! I love this - reader Anonymous

I enjoyed this story so much, you have a new fan. - Blessed Soul

This is my statement piece, concerning how too often, the woman with darker complexion has her beauty undervalued. This is available to be read on Wattpad, ValentChamber and Booksie for FREE!

This was raw and beautiful. - Bajerie

Bravo!!!!!! I love this! I thank you for your words and want you to know there are many who feel this way too - Charly43TheAnonymous

Beautiful! Nothing but the truth! - hazelbazel92 

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